Re: Flat car underbody question

Tim O'Connor


But that is EXACTLY how to interpret Richard's statement. Since
the underframe on house cars is invisible from most viewing angles,
it can be eliminated. That is what Model Die Casting did on their
FMC box cars (a half dozen different models), and I think those
models are 100% in conformance with Richard's statement. This is
not a straw man -- it is a fact that found it's way to hobby
shelves for almost 20 years. For Chad to do the same thing with
his flat cars would be a giant leap backwards, IMO.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor wrote:
What straw man would that be, exactly?
That would be your sweeping statement, and I quote, "Your argument
makes the case for the elimination of nearly all underframe details of
any kind, including the underframe itself!!!"
Richard, of course, said no such thing.

Tony Thompson

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