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I'm not sure if these Buckeye ends were made for that series or taller auto box cars but Red Ball had both cast metal & plastic ends and Roller Bearing had very nice resin ends.

Ed Mines

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Larry, I am with you on this. Keith Retterer produced castings of these a long time ago. He also made the 3 panel 10' IH Creco Doors that were used on C&O's 1937 10'IH Box Cars. We need another producer for both of these parts!
Rich Christie

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Does anyone beside Sunshine Models make a separate Buckeye end applicable
for the ERIE 78-78499 series boxcars, and if so, is it currently avalible?

Larry Sexton

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Yes. The 1923 ARA cars in series 75500-75999 had Buckeye Ends that
had the
panel seam on a corrugation. see page 94 of RPC 18. The 1932 ARA
cars and
these cars had the panel seam between the corrugations.
I'll add to this that the corrugations on the later Buckeye ends were
shaped somewhat differently than those on the earlier ends, with a
pronounced taper at the ends, in contrast to the flat ends on the
earlier corrugations. This is is readily visible in photos of the
Erie's 1932 ARA cars vs. the 1923 ARA cars.

Richard Hendrickson

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