Re: Flat car underbody question

Tim O'Connor


Can you see the center sill of a box car when it is on your track?
I've seen a lot of layouts, and I'm safe saying that on 95% of the
layouts, it cannot be seen by an adult standing at trackside.

There is such a thing as the logical implication of a statement.

If for example, I say that I am flying to Cocoa Beach, you probably
would conclude that I am traveling on an airplane and have not grown
a pair of wings. You draw such an inference without a second thought.
Why do you suddenly develop an inability to make an inference about
the phrase "invisible when the car is on the track"?

Tim O'Connor

At 12/5/2011 01:00 PM Monday, you wrote:
Richard said, "In my opinion, it is pointless to model underframe details which are invisible when the car is on the track. . . ," NOT "it is pointless to model ANY underframe details." Certainly his statement does not say, "leave it all off, including the center sill."

Walt Lankenau

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