Re: Flat car underbody question

Tim O'Connor


When the basic structure is there (floor, center sill, bolsters,
cross members, draft gear), the super-details can be (1) left off
or (2) postponed. In other words, if you ever change eras or
whatever, someone who buys your model has the choice to add those
details if that is something they like to do.

So in spite of your statement, you actually DO model details that
can't be seen. You just don't model ALL of them.

Tim O'Connor


I do a lot of Freight and Passenger car scratch building I try
to put as much detail as I can into each car.
How ever when it comes to Flat cars and Gondolas that have
fishbelly sides that completely hide any under body detail I
leave it out, except for the center sills and cross members.
So, my bottom line is if you can't see it I don't model it. This
leaves me more time to do the fine detail that you can see.

Ed Ursem

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