Re: National C-1 truck

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 5, 2011, at 12:54 PM, mopacfirst wrote:

I'm in need of a National C-1 70 ton truck, and I see references in
this list to a 'very poor representation' that's on some Atlas car.
Can anyone cite the particular car this 'very poor' truck is under,
if it's still in production?

Ron Merrick
Ron, Eastern Car Works has a 55 ton National C-1 truck kit with the
correct (and distinctive) C-1 side frame configuration, and this
might work as a 70 ton truck as well, since (as usual with HO truck
side frames) the journal boxes are a bit oversize. Stock number
9059. These are kits where the side frames and bolster have to be
glued together, but aside from making sure that alignment is correct
so that all four wheels track properly, I haven't found that to be
difficult. They're a bit lame by comparison with current HO trucks
(e.g., no brake shoes or rigging) but the side frames look good.

Richard Hendrickson

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