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I am in the process of detailing two Central of Georgia ventilated
boxcars. Curiously none of the several photos I have of these cars
shows the "B" end. Luckily I had purchased a CofG shop scene with one
of these cars in the scene that had exactly what I needed as the
instructions with the car were too sketchy for my comfort. They are
correct in that these cars did not have a brake step w/ a "ratchet &
paw" mechanism. Instead the R&P mechanism was mounted on roof
bracket. Fortunately Precision Scale offers this part in brass, which
is ideal for such a vulnerable position...

You just discovered the joy of working on a prototype so old that it crosses over into the narrow gauge era. Until the first decade of the twentieth century, or sometimes just a bit later, there was really no difference between car construction between cars intended for standard gauge and narrow gauge railways... And between Grandt Line and PSC (formerly Kemtron) there has been a LOT of freight car hardware detail parts made. It's just a shame that Grandt no longer makes any of theirs in brass.

Only thing to watch for is the very nice KC brake set by Grant correctly models an 8"x12" prototype, and is therefore too small for standard gauge freight cars, although it is the proper size for the Soo Line's wood caboose fleet, and is what I used to pack in my kits.

Interesting side note... when the Soo converted these cars to AB equipment, they retained the small brake cylinders, which were properly matched to the weight of the car. Either the pressure head castings to convert these cylinders were no longer available, or the Soo was too cheap to buy them, because all the remaining examples I can think of have a simple flat steel plate for a pressure head, easily modeled by simply cutting the reservoir off and filing the back of the cylinder flat.


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