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Todd Horton

Bill, If you need more pictures let me know.  Todd Horton

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I am in the process of detailing two Central of Georgia ventilated
boxcars. Curiously none of the several photos I have of these cars
shows the "B" end. Luckily I had purchased a CofG shop scene with one
of these cars in the scene that had exactly what I needed as the
instructions with the car were too sketchy for my comfort. They are
correct in that these cars did not have a brake step w/ a "ratchet &
paw" mechanism. Instead the R&P mechanism was mounted on roof
bracket. Fortunately Precision Scale offers this part in brass, which
is ideal for such a vulnerable position. There are four to a packet
for which I paid $2 from Central Hobby Supply. On the subject of
brake hardware their Part # 3351 includes 2 each of two styles of
brackets that would have been mounted either under the end sill or to
the face of the end sill for particular applications of vertical
brake wheels. These are brass also.

It is nice to have these kinds of parts in the brake parts box as I
never know what I might come up against.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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