Re: Resin parts for Warren tank cars all spoken for

Dave Nelson

You know, YEARS ago, I wrote to Mr. Walthers and told him about a big Kodak
film processing facility that was just a few doors down the street from
where I worked and explained how I could walk into that Kodak facility, drop
off my film, and specify which drugstore the photos should be sent for me to
pay and take receipt. I told him he should set up that kind of deal with
local hobby shops and let his customers do that with their orders. Everybody
wins. He wrote back and told me it was a great idea. Nice to know somebody
uses it.

Dave Nelson

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Thanks, I'd forgotten how easy it is to order from Walthers -- when they
have an item in stock, I can order it and have it shipped to my own local
dealer -- click, click, click -- and it's done. That way I help my dealer,
and I get his discount. So I ordered enough for a dozen tank cars.. should
be enough for a while. :-)


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