Re: New MDT book

Tim O'Connor

I got mine last night, and read the first two chapters (up to 1877).
Fascinating stuff, well written and fun to read. It's amazing how these
early business corporations came into being and were constantly morphing
and combining/separating. It must be very hard to try and model that
era (19th century), just from the point of view of how many companies
there were and their complex relationships, to say nothing of equipment.

Tim O'Connor

Mine came today and I sat down with some Chai tea to thumb thru it. It certainly meets my modeling needs as well as giving me information about the scope of MDT's business. With the perspective of my own immersion into the FGE/WFE/BRE/NX System, I am really struck by how different the five large refrigerator car entities were, given that their basic business was the same.

One detail that struck me was that the little Tennessee Central, which was deep in the heart of FGE territory had a contract for service from MDT in the 1930s. It also confirmed to me that many of the northeastern RRs not served by FGE were indeed served by MDT.

Well done Roger!
Bill Welch

I highly recommend the new MDT book for your resource library.
It is filled with photos, plans, and charts the serious modeler
will find hard to put down. Kudos to Roger Hinman for putting this great volume together.
Fred Freitas

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