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Well...we seem to have spent quite a bit of time discussing what parts of the underframe of a frt car [ in particular, those with "deep" side frames ] should be modeled and what parts don't need to be modeled [ in general, those that can't be seen at trackside ]. There also seems to be some kind of concern that if enough knowledgeable modelers believe that if hidden details are not needed they don't need to be provided by manufacturers.

And, of course, some members cannot resist the temptation to take a cheap shot at those whom they disagree with. At first, I thought this thread should be terminated before serious bloodshed occurs...and I will if escalation happens. So, if you want to continue this thread, step carefully.

Sometimes I have had a desire to model an entire car. Hence, I then apply all the details I can to the underbody. In the case of the SC&F Harriman baggage car [ a ftr car by management me ], this can amount to quite a bit of stuff...including some unusual diamond shape strengthening structures. Did I do the same on other cars in the class? Nope. If you view such a car from 90� to the side at a point about 3 feet high you can't see them. Then there's the case of a UP light weight diner [ no...I have not ruled this to be a frt car ] which I maybe scratch built [ using commercial parts from several sources ]. In this case, I chose to model the interior. OK, completing that, I decided to populate it with people. Oooops. The car, operating on the City of Los Angeles would roll over Sherman Hill in mid morning...10:25 AM to 10:54 AM., 1953, in the area I model. Given that, I figure breakfast service is likely over and so, placed only a conductor and waiter in the car.

Anyhow, the point is, it's up to modeler to decide...hopefully without bashing those that disagree.

Now...does anyone know of a good model of an Evans auto loader? I want to put one in one of my auto cars...complete with auto, of course, and I'll naturally run the car with its doors closed...I mean...surely they wouldn't leave the doors open...would they?

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