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I removed (apparently not quickly enough) my original comment (quoted below) as when I re-opened the DVD, it revealed quite nice scans. I will note that I also ordered a Brooks Locomotive catalog, and the first time I opened it, the scan presentation was equally terrible; but I just re-opened it and it was quite nice.

I DO NOT understand why these items presented poorly on the first viewing but presented nicely on subsequent viewing.

Assuming they keep opening to the latter standards, my complaint is now withdrawn. And I figure on purchasing more of their product.

As a very minor comment, I noted that the Brooks Catalog was from the University of California library. When I first arrived there to go to school, I checked out a whole pile of railroad books (the alternative would have been to study). I held that very copy in my hands approximately 50 years ago. It's quite a thrill to "hold it in my hands" again.


Edward Sutorik

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Ed Sutorik wrote:
I have just received my copy of the 1946 Cyclopeia plus a couple
other items I ordered. The scan quality is terrible at 75 DPI. I
cannot recommend this company's products. [vintage reproductions]
Thanks, Ed. Good to have the feedback.

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