Possible discussion topic for Cocoa beach?

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Call it boutique casting, underground marketing or whatever, the cast resin flat car projects of Chad and Clark, and my roofs and tanks, seem to have been well received. These projects are more than "just a few for me and my friends" but well short of what the resin big boys do. Would there be any interest in a panel discussion, or "open mike" clinic on this subject (niche marketing of limited quantities with a lot of input from potential customers) at Cocoa Beach?

To expand a bit, I've been doing OEM resin casting for manufacturers, historical societies and even individuals for many years, but in all cases, regardless of quantity, it's one customer, one box, one shipment and one check. The thought of producing and marketing to the general hobby is just too daunting. But offering specialty cast parts only to those most likely to appreciate (or need) them, like members of this list, is more like working with friends and has a lot of appeal. Also appealing is not having to deal with the logistics of acquiring and packaging parts for complete kits. Both Richard and Ted have commented here on what a time sink that is, and the point, at least for me, is to keep this a hobby while generating enough income to justify using advanced technologies, like 3D CAD, rapid prototyping and resin casting using industrial equipment and materials.

Jeff has indicated a slot at Cocoa Beach could be made available if there's interest, and Bill Welch and Greg Martin have expressed support. I see this more as a forum on marketing philosophy and logistics rather than pattern making and resin casting per se, but if that's where the audience would like to go, that's OK too. Personally, I'm not looking for projects, but would be happy to share my experiences and thoughts.

Tom Madden

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