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Fenton Wells wrote:

Tom, I think that would be a good idea, but I'm afraid I may be pushing the product part.
[non-steam era freight car content snipped]

There's nothing wrong with advocacy, and certainly, if the audience is actively involved, a good panel will follow the audience's lead. The idea is to at least start the discussion focussed on the _process_ more than on a specific item. A discussion on, for example, how you go about getting a pattern made for a Buckeye boxcar end is going to be more interesting to more people than starting with questions about rivet spacing and sheet metal thickness for that same end. You may get there as the discussion progresses, but you don't want to start there.

A clarification - when I said "a lot of input from potential customers", I wasn't referring to what might happen on Friday night (you da boss, Mike - Friday sounds great) at Cocoa Beach, but to what happened as Clark's & Chad's flat car project developed. It started with the M&StL version, and as members of this list came up with information on other possibilities, we soon had WP and MP versions, flush & overhanging decks, and decal sets from Jerry Glow. On small and interesting projects like this you can implement changes very quickly thanks to the collective knowledge and willingness to share of the members of the STMFC.

Tom Madden

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