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There are many mentions of code 72 wheels here but who makes them and what are the dimensions, wheel width, flange depth and width, that kind of thing ?

I can find only one code 72 HO size wheel on NWSL's site, and it's only 26" dia, so I doubt it is them.
It's an obsolete size. When the NMRA did the original work on the RP-25 recommended practice, they defined a series of proportional sized wheel contours, each intended to work with the common coarse standards of the different scales. These are defined here:

Code 72 was used for a while by people who anted a finer than common wheel in HO scale, although that use was not sanctioned by the NMRA because the wheel is too narrow to ride across the frog flangeways. More recently, work on the P:87 standard has encouraged some manufacturers to make exact scale width wheels, which are .064" wide, and therefore would be a "Code 64" wheel. Because of this, I suspect the Code 72 wheel is just going to fade away.


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