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I never met Larry Jackman, although he insisted on sending me a crate (yes) full of slides, none of which are identified in any rational way. However, they cover the details of seeming hundreds of pieces of freight and passenger rolling stock of all kinds. I have enough of the same of my own to even venture going through someone else's collection, and they now all reside in the collections of the California State Railroad Museum (where he hoped they would go anyway). I have a feeling that there must be a treasure trove of good research data there, but will anyone ever have the interest, drive, and initiative to at last patiently try to go through them all?

Larry was always questioning me about this or that or some other detail about the various molds I had made, how they were made, what the material was and so on. Then he would always bring up what her refered to as a "clam shell" mold that was IIRC something he had worked with years ago for casting metal. Never could quite figure out what prompted it to be called a "clam shell mold" unless one could somehow open like a clam shell and still have whatever was modled in it eject properly.

Larry made a jack-of-all-trades look like an inexperienced bungler!

Cordially, Don Valentine

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