Proposed Friday Night Panel Discussion at Cocoa Beach

Bill Welch

Regarding the proposed Friday Night Panel Discussion, this is my take
on one of the possibilities. With the number of models in styrene and
resin, a number of possibilities have been created to modify these
existing kits
with new additional parts and expanding the modeling possibilities. A
good example is the styrene Half-Door kit offered a few years ago by
Standard Car Company, an offshoot I believe of New England Rail
Service, and meant to be used with Accurail's 8-panel SS boxcar to
create a GTW model, now one of my favorites. Sunshine Models has done
several Mini-Kits taking advantage of existing kits. Sunshine also
offered four kits years ago under the Uni-Body banner and Speedwitch
is a more current example of using existing styrene kits combined
with resin and other media.

Using resin and other media to make small runs of parts to alter
other existing kits is a natural followup to these examples. I am
currently working on a small project, with the help of Tom Madden,
that will involve one resin part, a fret of photo-etch and decals. I
think everyone has a similar project in their head but keep waiting
for someone else to do it. I think one of the potential outcomes of
this discussion is that we can begin to see and understand that each
of us is "that someone else." It is difficult to transfer our passion
for something to someone else. With projects of limited scope or
interest or limited profit margins, or with too many fiddlely steps
to interest the usual sellers of kits, what Clark and Chad have
demonstrated may be the way to go with variations to deal with
different levels of complexity or simplicity. It is premature to
worry about outcomes. I would suggest showing up with an open mind
instead of wanting to make sure each of our agendas will be satisfied
before we go to bed that evening. In the course of the evening anyone
of us may have an "Ah Ha!" moment if we keep an open mind.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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