Re: Proposed Friday Night Panel Discussion at Cocoa Beach

Clark Propst

Thanks for bringing Stan into the conversation Jerry. I think he should be on the panel.
I think my first Naperville was the third one? Anyway, Stan was selling his resin parts then. I bought his Pullman ends to use on CGW box cars. I bought the models back the next year. He was really surprised to see someone actually built a something using his parts!

One major drawback to any new 'minikits' is the availablity of the major componemnts. You just can't find kits anymore. This should be top priority during R&D.
I really wasn't surprised to learn that the guys I know that have built Chad's flat cars didn't have the parts needed for the project. I sort of thought everybody had grab irons and A-Line steps...
Clark Propst

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Don't forget Stan Rydarowicz

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