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Donald B. Valentine

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Harbor Freight #4468  $6.99  Blasting gloves.

Dennis Williams/Owner

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I had a different make and wore mine out also and now use kitchen gloves (the kind for dishwahing). Not as sturdy but a lot more flexible and readily available.

Jerry Glow

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Hello folks,

After more years than I can remember I have finally worn out the gloves on my North Coast Proroype Models aluminun oxide blaster. Does anyone have a valid telephone number for John Polyak these days or know where a pair of replacement gloves can be purchased. The Tractor Supply Co. has some that are similar but not the same and I woud like to replace them in kind if possible. Both numbers I have for John seem no longer to be valid. Hard to clean old and grimy steam era freight cars without the blaster working. (-:

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Don Valentine

Thanks very much to all who assisted with this. I not only have caught up with John Polyak but have been provided with other sources for the item.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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