Re: Cheap room to share in Cocoa Beach


This is the way all conventions work. The ballroom cost $X to the
organization if you sell *** rooms, it cost $Y if you sell @@@ rooms. The
cost is tied directly to the number of room nights sold. The only other way
to work it would be for the organizer to pay for the ballroom and then raise
the registration fee a lot to cover it. All of us want to get something for
nothing, or at least for the cheapest possible price. Unfortunately this
has put a lot of local train shops of business as we save on internet
purchases and it threatens some great conventions.

Because of the escalating hotel prices (therefore convention prices), some
are looking into renting schools or churches (but never on Sunday) for such
workshops, pricing registration accordingly, and letting people stay
anywhere. That is much easier said than done, given the amount of space and
number of clinic rooms that most conventions require.

Many hotels also have restrictions on bringing in outside AV equipment,
costs of electrical outlets, use of union labor, etc.

Steve Sandifer

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Quite a few vendors at Naperville who stayed in the hotel avoid the
table fees (which are not free) and sell from their rooms. (Bob's Photos
is probably the best known user of this technique.) Seems to me that if
people want to sell stuff (presumably for a profit) that the other
attendees should not have to subsidize them. But it's your show, so
you make the rules.

Tim O'Connor

There are perhaps some people that are unaware of the Prototype Rails/hotel
sleeping room/ball room/table arrangement. Let me explain. The cost to the
host meet committee [ me ]for the ball room [ where models are displayed
various vendor/manufacturers set up ] is directly dependent on the number
room nights that are sold during the week prior to the event through the
week following. During this period, the room rate is $99 per night. If you
wish to use a table either in the ball room or the hall way [ we usually
have photo dealers in the hall way ] [ and I would point out that those are
the only areas available ], tables are free...if you stay in the hotel. If
you choose to stay elsewhere, the cost of a table is $500 per day. As you
might guess, no one so far in the 11 previous yrs has elected to stay
elsewhere...if they planned to sell or display.

Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Boss

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