Re: Lackawanna Steel pre-USRA twin hoppers

Pieter Roos

I can't help on the hoppers, but if you put the phrase in double quote marks the search will only find the whole phrase.

"Lackawanna steel hopper" returns no hits.

"Lackawanna hopper" returns 10 hits, none of which seem to relate to the cars that interest you on a quick skim.

Pieter Roos

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Looking at Bob Kurig's hopper book, it mentions that steelmaker Lackawanna Steel had a number of the "1905 Common Design" 7-rib twin hoppers, and that they were sold off to various railroads.

Which railroads got these secondhand hoppers, and what number series'?

This may have been discussed on this list before, however, the yahoo message search tool is awful, with thousands of hits each for "Lackawanna", "steel", and "hopper". No exact phrase, relevance, or other useful options.

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