Re: Cheap room to share in Cocoa Beach

Rod Miller

On 12/9/11 4:11 PM, mike brock wrote:
Al Westerfield writes:

"When we were in business we had two business plans for hotel stays. For
RPMs and the like we stayed at the host hotels to support the “free” meeting
rooms. "

I appreciate that. However, to be correct, at least at Prototype Rails, the
meet receives only a free ball room if we reach a specific room night
number. We also get a free room night which we apply to a clinician for
every 50 room nights we sell. To be sure, though, the meeting rooms [ 6 ]
are very definitely NOT free.

And, possibly surprising to some...we also pay for the "free" cookies and
coffee...with the stipulation that I get a cookie when they come out. Stay
close to me at cookie time<G>.

Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Boss
At O Scale West the number of rooms rented reduces our cost for the
ballroom. On the other hand, if we fail to rent the minimum number of
rooms called for by the contract, we have to pay for the shortfall in
rooms at the contracted room night rate per room.



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