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Looking at Bob Kurig's hopper book, it mentions that steelmaker Lackawanna Steel had a number of the "1905 Common Design" 7-rib twin hoppers, and that they were sold off to various railroads.

Which railroads got these secondhand hoppers, and what number series'?
The original series were:

LSX 3000-3699 ACF ? Lot 8013
LSX 4000-4699 SSC 8/16
LSX 5000-5299 ACF 9/17 Lot 8451

The AC&F cars had 10'6" eaves height, while the SSC cars were 10' even.

It seems likely these became Bethlehem Mines BMIX 8000-9699 in the early 1920s.

NYO&W bought 400 of these in January 1928, series 19000-19399 (these were mixed ACF and SSC cars), and went back for another 300 in December, series 19400-19699 (these were all ACF cars).

David Thompson

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