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Will subscribers be reimbursed for unearned subscription revenue? I take it they are not filing bankruptcy.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Many people on this list are probably aware of the _Model
Railroad News_ magazine. They have just announced they are ceasing

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA
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Publishers of books on railroad history

Here is their press release.

Model Railroad News to cease publication

12/09/11 08:30 PM
When I started Model Railroad News nearly 17 years ago, I had a vision
of creating a one-stop resource that would provide quality news and
content to help modelers of all scales and backgrounds make the most
informed decisions they could prior to plopping their hard-earned
hobby dollars on the hobby shelf. In the years that passed I was
blessed to see the magazine grow in size, content, and staff. I have
enjoyed reading the letters that come through the office each month
sharing how Model Railroad has impacted our readers. I have relished
shaking hands at shows and talking to you in person. And I cherish
every relationship I�ve formed with readers, writers, and advertisers
over the years.

As with many small businesses, we�ve been adversely affected by a down
economy. While our advertiser base has remained steady, we�ve watched
our subscriber circulation continue to whittle away, some as the
result of passing from one life to the next, some because the reader
just was no longer able to afford any extra expenses. At the same time
we also watched our production prices increase rapidly, and tried to
be as frugal as possible without passing too much of that added burden
onto you, our readers.

One of the things we�ve always appreciated was being able to operate
on our own. When the economy collapsed it became alarmingly clear that
could not continue to be the case. Every financial advisor we sought
out told us the same thing: Model Railroad News is a strong viable
business and well worth the investment, however, we are not offering
any business loans at the time.

We were given a glimmer of hope with a group of local investors this
fall and had plans of not only being able to get caught back up to our
normal production schedule, but looked forward to being able to invest
in some new marketing and business tools that would allow us to
continue to be competitive in the model railroad publishing market.

Sadly, those discussions came to an unhappy end this week just as we
were preparing to go to press with our combined November/December
edition, and we�ve been forced to make the most difficult decision
we�ve ever been faced with � attempt to continue without any way of
fully being able to meet all of our financial obligations, or close

After much thought and discussion I regret to announce that effective
immediately, Model Railroad News will no longer be published. It has
been a pleasure and an honor serving you these past 16 years and if
there was any way to continue on, we would do so without a second

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and allowing us to be a
part of your lives.


Michael W. Lindsay


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