Re: Flat car stake pockets, was: 1925 C of G Flat Car Survives


My answer to the below -- no and yes. I have need for, and have built three so far, Mopac homebuilt (DeSoto) 1937 flats that are just a few inches off from the Red Caboose car, but with 13 stake pockets. The model has 12. The first and second from each end are in the correct place, so I drill new holes starting in the center and move outward. One of the new pockets has its right hole where an existing left hole is. I drill out the existing holes and fill with something like .010 rod, which makes them almost disappear. I can carve these while doing minimal damage to the adjacent rivets.

I can and have also made 13-stake 45' flats, also MoPac, by splicing two RC cars. That's somewhat harder to do, to make that joint minimally visible. Helps that the cars are black, and using the Tichy wood-grain technique on the decks helps distract the viewer also.

Ron Merrick

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I have to wonder if it's easier just to make new flatcar sides or side overlays with new detail rather than remove and add stake pockets and rivets.

Steve Lucas.

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Jim Mischke wrote:
"In modeling, why do we rivet counters care so much about the
number of stake pockets on a flat car? They are not a structural
car part. Easily changed on models by modelers, although never
changed by the prototype roads."

Pardon me for asking - have YOU ever changed stake pockets on a model?  It's not
as easy as it looks - cleaning up the sides without losing rivet detail is
tough.  The availability of Archer rivets today makes redoing rivet detail much
easier, but it wasn't always this way.

Ben Hom

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