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I do not necessarily agree with allowing this advertisement but the rationale presented is even weaker. By this rationale, you can only post if you are an active member which is defined as someone who "participates". It seems to me that those of us who choose to read the traffic daily and to learn by the information presented are just as much "participants" as those who post regularly. My recommendations are that we either allow these posts or not - I am ambivalent - but don't add a distinction about "participation".

Ed Robinson

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I fully understand the rules but what I object to is that this email has
come from someone who does not participate in this forum accept when he has
something to sell and to me that is SPAM...

I think that others would agree and perhaps if they spoke up the rule would
perhaps change just a bit in our favor.

Greg Martin

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Ron dePierre notes:

Hmmmm ...
I thought the STMFC Group rules clearly stipulated advertising on Friday
ONLY. Was there not a reminder about this recently ?
Perhaps there was a policy change that I am not aware of...
Here is the current rule...set in place several months ago:

"Messages regarding the selling of products associated with freight cars as
part of a commercial
enterprise must be sent during the period of noon Friday EST and Saturday
midnight EST."

Scott Mason's message arrived a bit late but I approved it
anyway...particularly since traffic is slow today. I will, however,
the rule's current time period to him. Also, the DVD must contain info on
steam era frt cars so, yes, his DVD might not pass muster.

Mike Brock

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