Small runs

Clark Propst

Oh boy, here I go again. After the discussion about small run resin “mini-kits” I got to thinking about what would be an easy, but fun project. The CGW bought some 50’ DD box cars in 1956 that are very similar to the Accurail model. Here’s a link to the model. The most glaring difference is that the doors are wrong. These cars had 6 panel superior doors 1 7’, 1 8’. I asked Chad if he would be willing to do the doors as a one piece casting and the price. His reply was the same as when we first discussed the flat cats “How many do you want?” Price would be about 5 bucks including shipping.

So, Would anyone on this list be interested in a casting of the doors?
Model’s available. Here’s a link to Oddballs as-built decals So, decals are available. What more could you ask for? Oh! Cars had Ajax hand brakes and Apex running boards, as built they were painted black with “Metallic brown” sides. Pretty sharp with the Aluminum stenciling, eh?

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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