Re: Freight Car Surprise in Boston Harbor

Donald B. Valentine

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The New Haven Railroad had float docks and float operations in Boston Harbor in the early 1900's located at the South Boston Freight Terminal. Operations were suspended by about the 1930's. I'm not entirely familiar with photos from this period, but I hazard a guess (ready to be corrected) the view is looking out towards the harbor with the Customs House to the rear of the photographer. Boston had many photogenic and impressive rail operations to offer at one time; for those interested, there was a mighty coal elevator operated by the B&A/NYC in East Boston and of course the B&M and NH lift bridges from North and South Stations respectively.

I don't disagree with any of this but expect the ferry under consideration is NOT a car ferry but, rather, one of the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn passenger ferries. This 3 ft. commuter line ran from a ferry terminal in East Boston to Lynn until abandoned in 1941, IIRC. The MBTA line to Logan Airport runs on the old right-of-way from the time it leaves the harbor tunnel in East Boston until it reaches the end. Can't imagine why it was not long ago extended the full length of the BRB&L r-o-w.

Happy Holidays, Don Valentine

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