Re: Freight Car Surprise in Boston Harbor


This wonderful shot was taken in the area behind India Wharf, (now the site of the Boston Harbor Towers), looking easterly, with East Boston in the rear, and what is now Logan Airport in the right background, (then open water).

The B&A RR Docks at the time were in the area of the Cunard and Leyland piers, shown above the wheelhouse of the left-hand steamer, (under weigh).

The BRB&L Ferry slip is to the right of these, just about between the masts of the Steamer "HM Whitney".

The wharfs, from right to left foreground, are India Wharf, (Metropolitan Steamship building), Central Wharf, (now the location of the New England Aquarium), and Long Wharf.

About the only recognizable landmark still in existence, (other than the vague outline of the wharfs on the waterfront), is the stone "Custom House Block" warehouse on Long Wharf.

Boston has a rich history of landmaking, which has graphically altered it's landscape, (indeed most of the waterfront areas in this photo were on made land), and much of the fill to do this came from the area's various railroads.

Thanks for finding and sharing this treasure.

Bill Keay

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