Re: Roaring Rails

Tim O'Connor

I recall an episode of Star Trek where they "time travelled" to Detroit
and suddenly in one scene you can see mountains in the distance! Ya just
gotta love Hollywood. I don't think anyone in the biz has ever taken a
geography class.

On freight cars .. the scene in "It Happened One Night" when the motorcade
driving through New Jersey is blocked by a local Southern Pacific freight!
And an episode of The Fugitive TV show where he's hiding in a cave somewhere
in Pennsylvania, and catches a passing freight led by D&RGW F units winding
through a deep canyon...

Tim O'Connor

I must admit that, while watching movies from the 1930s and 1940s with my
wife, I occasionally comment to her about how amazing it is to see a SP
Pacific hauling a passenger train into Chicago.


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