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Steve's link took me, at least, to the cover of the book. There are photos
on the page facing 88, and a few pages later, in the appendix. Click
through a few pages from the front, and you get to the TofC, which has
hotlinks to get to later chapters in the book, so you don't have to page
through the entire thing.

I think this photo was taken FROM the Customs House, which was the tallest
building in Boston for years, until (I think) the Prudential building was
built in the back bay in the 60s.

I, too, wondered if the photo was taken from the Custom House tower but believe the angle is wrong and that it was taken for a rooftop along Atlntic Ave. But the first building taller than the Custom House tower in Boston was not the Prudential. It was either the old New England Telephone & Telegraph Building or the original John Hancock Buillding with the light in its tower to tell what the weather forecast was by changing its color. I was told as a youngster that airline pilots approaching Boston form NYC could see the beacon on the John Hancock Building by teh time they reached Hartford, CT.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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