Re: Left Opening Box Car Doors

Todd Horton

Sorry Ben, I guess I'm still asleep. I missed the "steel" part of that e-mail. :-)  Todd

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Joel Holmes asked:
"Hi All, I was told of a model of a 50's or 60's steel box car with left opening

doors. Does anyone know if there were any real left opening steel box cars

in this era?"

Do you mean BUILT 1950-1960, or still RUNNING 1950-1960?
If built, the answer is no steel "left-opening" steel boxcars were built
If running, there remained a significant number of PRR Class X25 general service
boxcars in service at the beginning of the decade; however, their numbers
dropped off sharply in 1952-53.  These cars were built during World War I.

Todd Horton wrote:
"Joel, I know the Lehigh Valley had some cars with a single left side door

Doesn't answer the mail.  These were all double-sheathed cars.

Ben Hom

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