Re: P&LE 36000-36499

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 20, 2011, at 1:33 PM, jim_mischke wrote:

Is this an end view of a USRA single sheathed boxcar?

P&LE later applied steel side kits from Youngstown on their USRA
boxcars. If this is the case, then an appropriate model would be
hiding in plain sight, a Tichy rebuilt USRA boxcar.

No, Jim, USRA box cars all had 5-5-5 corrugated ends, and the end on
the P&LE car is (obviously) a 5-4 Dreadnaught end. The P&LE 36000
series cars were extended height (9'4" IH) versions of NYC's version
of the original USRA steel sheathed box car design (never built for
the USRA). This is all well documented in Railway Prototype
Cyclopedia #21, as someone else has already pointed out.

Richard Hendrickson

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