C&WI H&B Gondola

Paul Hillman

I just posted some photos of my progress on an HO, C&WI, Haskell & Barker, wood, side-dump gondola, in the photo-file:

Haskell & Barker Wood Side-Dump Gondolas

This started as a resin, Funaro & Camerlengo, Rutland kit. I am building it as per C&WI car #1185, at the Illinois RR museum.

I scribed and wood-grained the inner door surfaces and added the vertical metal-straps and Archer rivets, and scratchbuilt the car-ends.

The wooden, queen-post supports were replaced with steel I-beams and the AB brake parts had a different than "normal" layout.

Still a lot of detail to add. Does anyone have any close-up pix of these C&WI cars? I have only found distant shots of them in service but have several pix of the IRR museum car. (In poor shape.) I need to determine the car lettering better.

Paul Hillman

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