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Paul Hillman


Oh!!! - THOSE kinds of "hopper-details". Yes, I've seen that on other ballast cars, but back in the late 1950's I saw these cars on the C&WI, and drew a dwg. of one, but as I remember they all had flat floors. Don't know when they would have been converted.

Paul Hillman

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Nice model. The car used to be in better shape, in fact, it was used in some minor budget movie that filmed at IRM in the seventies. I took a series of detail photos of this same car back then, if I can find the prints, I'll try to scan them this weekend. You really need the cast brackets that go between the I section needle beams and the sills.

Before someone objects to the lack of hopper details, the C&WI removed the hoppers years ago and gave the car a solid deck. Another one of these cars lost it's upper structure, and the frame and deck are now the boom car for C&WI 1900, the museum's 100 ton steam wrecker.


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