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John H <sprinthag@...>

Probably not much. If Evergreen was listing each individually both they and their dealers had to have two stocking points for the same product.

If, on the other hand, they only listed HO 1 X 4's, many of those looking for .010 X .050 styrene wouldn't realize that the HO 1 X 4's are the same thing. It's more likely that HOer's would recognize that a .010 x .050 is the same thing.

Basically it's just a simplification/clarification of their catalog.

John Hagen

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A day or so ago someone made the comment about how great Evergreen styrene is and that they hoped it would never go away. I just put an order in to my mail order dealer that included HO scale 1x4. He tells me it is no longer available and that I need to order .010x.050. I don't know what this change means.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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