Re: Evergreen

Tim O'Connor

Also, remember the General Rule of Thumb:

With few exceptions, hobby dealers are one of the planet Earth's
greatest sources of misinformation. I can't even count the number
of times I've been told something is "no longer made" or just "not
available" or "sold out", and then found it immediately somewhere else.

As of this morning, Google "evergreen styrene" "1x4" returns 817 hits.

Tim O'Connor

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the owner of Evergreen, Brian Ellerby, passed away in April 2010. He was a narrow gauge modeler, 3' in S scale. I saw his layout in 2004 on a layout tour of the PSX2004 NMRA national convention in Seattle, Wa, very nice modelling. His family, son or sons, not sure which, were going to keep Evergreen in business. This may be the way that his family are running the business now. Although 1" X 4" HO scale strips do show up in Evergreen's web site:

However, I have seen lots of websites not up to date.

Larry Wolohon/Plymouth, Mi.

A day or so ago someone made the comment about how great Evergreen styrene is and that they hoped it would never go away. I just put an order in to my mail order dealer that included HO scale 1x4. He tells me it is no longer available and that I need to order .010x.050. I don't know what this change means.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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