Re: Patch panels, was: In praise of 0.005 styrene


either way simulating the line could be done the same way.

Jerry Glow

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Since I have an extreme close up shot of a repaired B&O M-26 that
shows the horizontal patch clearly OVER THE TOP of the existing panels,
and since I have personally seen many patched freight cars with panels
over existing sides, I just can't agree 100% with what Barry said. On
-some- cars the repair is as he described, but certainly not on all

Tim O'Connor

I agree with Barry's recommendation. If Greg Martin and others who followed his advice for simulating weld seams works, this should too.

Jerry Glow

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All this discussion by various of you misses one significant point.

The repaired body panels overlap the patch panels at the bottom, as the
patches are inserted UNDER the repaired body panel, not attached over them.
Consequently, the panel edge faces DOWN, using decal patches etc would give
the effect of them facing UP.

To get the correct effect using decal paper etc you would have to decal the
body panel leaving the repair patch undecalled.

I just draw a fine line with a pencil, take a sharp blade and straight edge
and cut a fine line with the blade angled away from the bottom of the car
side. This causes a raised edge at the bottom of the panel which after
painting and weathering gives the impression of the overlapping panel edge.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England

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