Tim O'Connor

Did you check their fine website
There is a 12 page PDF index on the website.

I made a more concise index for my own use for quick lookups --

RPC #1 Frisco Howe Truss boxcars/Riveted PS-1/AAR 2-bay offset hoppers/etc
RPC #2 Frisco Howe Truss boxcars/Pullman 12-1/AAR 2-bay offset hoppers/etc
RPC #3 Boxcars/Tankcars/Gondolas/Greenville Covered Hoppers/GE 70 tonner/Pullmans
RPC #4 Boxcar lettering/Freight car trucks/NWX reefers/Phosphate hoppers/AAR hoppers
RPC #5 Boxcar paint & lettering/Troop Sleepers/URTX&MRX reefers/EMD F2&F3/ARA 4bay hoppers/Modeling track
RPC #6 Express Boxcars/EMD F3 Phase II/Lightweight passenger car trucks/Updates
RPC #7 Express Reefers/EMD F3 Phase III/AC&F 10,500 gal propane tank cars & roster
RPC #8 Bx Express Boxcars/VO-1000 diesel/AAR 2-bay offset hoppers/Postwar 10'0"IH boxcars
RPC #9 B&O Wagon Top Boxcars/P-S Compartmentizers/AAR 2-bay offset hoppers/EMD F3 Phase IV/Express Reefers addendum
RPC #10 hand brakes/NYC container cars/SAL phosphate cars/AC&F Type 27 2-dome 3-dome ICC 103 tank cars
RPC #11 Lightweight Sleeping Cars 4-4-2 / 10-5 / 6-6-4 / 10-6
RPC #12 Weight Freight Cars (& Scale Test Cars)/Burl DS/SS auto box cars/FGE WFE BRE 1940's wood reefers, info
RPC #13 Milwaukee rib-side cars/SAL box cars/CB&Q XA box cars/AAR 2-bay hoppers of western railroads
RPC #14 MP steel rebuilds/40' SERX/Linde cryogenic box tank cars/GATC 37' meat reefers/ARA 4-bay hoppers
RPC #15 GATC GAEX GARX box cars/PRR X23 X24 K7a R7/Greenville 70 ton fishbelly covered hoppers
RPC #16 USRA DS box cars/GATC 70 ton reefers/freight car running boards & brake steps
RPC #17 USRA SS box cars & steel rebuilds/GATC Trans-Flo/GATC 2600cft airslides Part 1: RR-owned airslides
RPC #18 ARA 1932-1929 40' box cars/XM-1 single sheathed/XM-2 double sheathed/B&O M-26 box cars/other ARA steel box cars
RPC #19 War Emergency box cars/Erie express milk cars/PRR G31b gondolas and SP/WABASH/ACL/DL&W/DT&I/SN/BS/D&H cars
RPC #20 Flat car loading practices, open loads, TOFC, military/GATC airslides, Part 2: Railroad Leased Cars
RPC #21 USRA all-steel box & auto cars NYC DL&W RDG CNJ/Armour steel refrigerator cars
RPC #22 PRR Wagon-Top 40' 50' box cars X23B X31 X32 X33 & rebuilds K9/GATC airslide 1954-1959 Part 3: Private Owners

Tim O'Connor

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