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Jared Harper wrote:
A day or so ago someone made the comment about how great Evergreen styrene is and that they hoped it would never go away. I just put an order in to my mail order dealer that included HO scale 1x4. He tells me it is no longer available and that I need to order .010x. 050. I don't know what this change means.
I'm sorry to have to say this, but you CANNOT trust what a LHS dealer TELLS you is "no longer available." That too often translates as "I don't want to order that." We continue to get calls and emails about one of our books being "out of stock" or "not available" when the book is perfectly available. It's true that some of our titles are either out of print of temporarily out of stock, but I'm talking about books which have been and are entirely available, on our web site and at many dealers.
I have personally experienced local shops claiming a particular model was not available, or even "that company went out of business," when those statements were demonstrably false.
That said, I don't know whether Evergreen is changing how it sizes its products, only that you cannot depend on what you are told at your LHS.

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