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Donald B. Valentine

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Best value for the money are the three Farmall packs of tractors. Odd Ball makes decals for those so that they look pretty spiffy, 6 to a flat.
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Anyone else have classic tractor fever?

Has anyone seen photos of flat cars loaded with more than style of tractor/construction equipment.

Could be the same model of tractor with different features - wheels, wheel spacings .....

How about flat cars with partial tractor loads (maybe a flat car would be unloaded at more than one dealer)?

Anyone have any comments on the tractor load Sunshine used to offer? Is it the same/similar to the Athearn SE John Deere tractors?

Merry Christmas!

Ed Mines

You beat me to the draw, Steve, and are these not the three to a pack from Life-Like? A good offering for those who might be tired of the "long green line" and modeling the 1940's or 1950's. For those looking for something earlier is it Jordan or someone else who offers a well detailed Fordson. New Englanders who have Phil Hasting's book on the Boston & Maine will also find good photos of a flat car load of six Farmall's turning up in several photos around Warner, NH on the Claremont & Concord Branch.

Merry Christmas, Don Valentine

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