Re: tractor flat car loadings


July 2002 MR had a Trevor Marshall article on adding a few details to the LL models and loading them on a flatcar.

Jerry Glow

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Odd Ball decals makes a very nice set of Decals for the LL Farmall tractors. Tom does the set in silver and white ink. I brushed on a coat of Future floor polish and his decals went on nicely.

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I remember when the Life-Like Farmalls appeared in three-packs, which could be considered building blocks for flatcar loads.
Last time I saw them, they were in two-packs, of which one tractor was painted yellow and green. Not much of a building block there.
The Sunshine data sheet has a photo of SIXTEEN tractors on a 53'6" flat. Yikes!
Circa 1949, some of the Ferguson tractors (Mr. Ferguson who had previously worked with Mr. Ford) were being shipped in C&O 40' PS-1 boxcars with a double-deck interior set-up. So a modeler could pull off a less-expensive loading dock scene... but such a load in a train would be just another box car.
Scott Pitzer

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