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Is this an "NSC-1" or an "NSC-2" type end on this CN box car?

Tim O'Connor
Hi Tim,

To the best of my knowledge, that's an NSC-2 end. On the NSC-1, the minor vertical ribs were continuous OVER the major horizontal ones. The NSC-3 end did away with the vertical ribbing altogether. The NSC-1, NSC-2 and NSC-3 designations are strictly modellers' terms (originated by Stafford Swain) to distinguish between the evolutionary stages of an end that was simply known as the "National" end in railway trade journals. There appear, also, to have been both early and late versions of the NSC-3 with, IIRC, the late version being more rounded and the early version being more angular in shape.

Thanks for your answer about the ends on Pullman-Standard built 1937 AAR box cars.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

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