Re: tractor flat car loadings


My tires on otherwise all red tractors are black. I got a note back from my printer and he's going to experiment some with the file I sent him when he's back in the shop in January.

Jerry Glow

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Yeah that would be awesome -- if the masks are designed so that
I could shoot black, then aluminum, then red, as described.

Tim O'Connor

I used to have access to a vinyl cutter with which I intended to make masks. I think my printer guy has one and could cut masks for us if an interest...

Jerry Glow

--- In STMFC@..., "Kurt Laughlin" <fleeta@> wrote:

The wheel rim is silver where as the center of the wheel is red. . . . . As
for the painting I'm in the same boat. Only 12 to do though. When u guys
come up with a good way to paint them I will be interested to know also.

Taking a tip from tank modeling: Get one of those thin, green plastic,
circle drafting templates. Paint the tire first, ignoring any over spray.
Find the circle size that matches the rim (or silver part) outside diameter
and put tape over the surrounding holes on the template. Then put the
template over the wheel and spray silver/aluminum. Clean off both sides of
the template and find the hole that matches the outside diameter of the red
part. Tape over surrounding holes. Spray the red. Use low air pressure
and shoot straight at the wheel; don't blow paint under the template. Clean


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