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Rod Miller

On 12/27/11 2:12 PM, wrote:


That sounds logical as the westbound freight was on the northside of the
tracks and the station which was wiped out was on the southside of the
tracks. It was always kind of scary crossing our tracks on a bicycle when
the local was stopped at the tracks . . . i.e., what was lurking on the the
other side when that bell had been ringing and ringing for ever.


One of the more haunting movie scenes for me was a video of
Chicago commuter action. In the scene a mother and young
daughter hurry around the front of one train and just as
they get onto the adjacent track, another train running on
that track at high speed appears. Cut. It bothers me just to
write about it.

Freight car content: no freight cars were visible in the
scene, some were seen in the background in other scenes.



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