Re: True Line new "Fowler" pictures

Michael Aufderheide

This is hardly "much" but I do have CP 180528 with a load of rubber from Bloomington IN to Michigan City IN on 10/20/1948.  It is listed as 36' steel underframe 8' IH with a 5' door. I don't know its final destination, but most of the cars for Michigan City were either to Haskell & Barker, the Michigan Central or the South Shore.  In the same set of conductor's logs there are 6 other Canadian cars: (2)  CP 'miniboxs', (1) CN 40' steel underframe 9' IH with a 6' door [howe truss?], (2) CN 40' Postwar AAR and (1) CN '37 AAR (out of a total 750 cars logged).
Mike Aufderheide 

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The gaps in the boards look worse (proportionally) on small cars

Did these cars come to the US much? For their huge numbers I
can't recall any photos of them south of the border in the 1940's
and later.

Tim O'Connor

Passing on a message I rec'd tonight....

"True Line has put up pictures of the Fowler boxcars. Looks like
they made some major improvements over the first run. "

My comment: I hope they finally do the CN "X" frame doors found on
most CN Fowler's in the fifties. Unfortunately all the bickering
modellers do probably has TLT gun-shy resulting in these most common
of CN stock cars not being done.

As for the new cars, TLT, they look pretty good although they do have
the all too common "too wide a gap" between boards.. Thanks to TLT
for the improvements in these cars from the previous runs.

Peter Bowers

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