Re: True Line new "Fowler" pictures

mike brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor speculates:

"Well, if you were in San Diego in the 1950's and you saw a
Canadian Fowler, wouldn't you take its picture? Of course you would!"
I'm not so sure of that. If, of course, you were interested in photos of rolling stock, yes, but how many rolling stock photographers were hanging around in San Diego in the 50's? OTOH, there were relatively speaking, a large number of guys shooting shots of steam locos...although, of course, most were camping out at the west end of Cheyenne's yard. For example, the book The Big Boy Portraits has a shot of a Canadian Pacific box car in Laramie but, of course, the real subject of the photo was a Big Boy.

Mike Brock

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