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I was looking at photos of the model online and was sceptical until I read your post. With some of the inaccurate stuff that has been foisted upon the modelling public of late, you'll understand why.

Now I just have to finish building the Westerfield steel NYC box car kit that I bought a few years ago to go with one of these cars...

Steve Lucas.

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I would like to know what sources BLI used to produce the NYC
boxcars. I know BLI did not use any resources of the NYCSHS because
the board would have had to authorize that. So who did the research
and what was used? Not likely that this question will be answered
but it would be interesting to know who provided the research
package for the boxcars. Hugh T. Guillaume
No great mystery here, Hugh. I provided them with a lot of
information and photos, and Terry Link and others were also
involved. Several of us on this list were given the opportunity to
critique pre-production samples, which corrected a number of
problems. At that time, the NYCHS was not involved because the
society had a long-established reputation for being unresponsive to
requests for prototype freight car data, or to requests of any kind
from non-members. That, fortunately appears to be changing.

Richard Hendrickson

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