Re: True Line new "Fowler" pictures

Bob Sterner

These TLT cars are good news for me. As a CP aligned road, the Soo received many CP stock cars for the South St. Paul packing plant. I was told this by a long-term Soo dispatcher who worked that line for many years. I believe he mentioned horses were often brought in that way. I've seen a photo, I think in one of the Soo books (I'd have to do some digging), that shows a cut of perhaps 6 CP stock cars in the brown and white scheme behind a Geep on the Twin Cities main. I presume that was a cattle extra from Shoreham to the NP/CGW interchange at Mississippi St., heading for that plant.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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On Dec 29, 2011, at 7:24 AM, Bruce F. Smith wrote:
....Of course, the
stock cars are a different kettle of fish and would be very
unlikely to
be seen in the US (except perhaps on CN/CP aligned roads?).
Well, Bruce, there exists a conductor's train sheet from the '50s
showing a CN 36' stock car eastbound on a Santa Fe train in the heart
of Texas. Exceptional, I'll grant. Still....

Richard Hendrickson

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