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Well, that depends. First, it depends upon what is being displayed at the TTL website. As the only painted models are of Canadian Pacific cars, then I assume these follow the design with the five-foot wide doors. I do not know if the Canadian National had any of these narrow door cars or kept to the six-foot wide door cars.

The US roads seemed to have rostered cars with six-foot wide doors. These included the Erie, NC&StL, and Grand Trunk. Many are illustrated at the Westerfield Models site:

A few other lines rostered the 36-foot Fowler/Dominion design box car. The NKP absorbed a batch when it bought up the Toledo, St Louis & Western. I also found this Wabash car that seems similar. Can anyone confirm that this followed the Fowler/Dominion design?

BTW, Canadian National is one of the roads listed at the TTL website for this product, so maybe a six foot door version will also be produced.


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This is probably a dumb question but how close are these to the NC&St.L
Fenton Wells

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Tim O'Connor asked:
"Did these cars come to the US much? For their huge numbers I
can't recall any photos of them south of the border in the 1940's
and later."
Ben Hom replied
Data that I've tabulated from the Premo Collection of Rutland Shifting
show 204 "Fowler"/"Dominion" cars of all variations out of 359 total CN
boxcars. Based on this small sample size, the answer is "yes".
This discussion made me smile. The bottom line is that these Canadian
cars did not follow the N-G (Nelson-Gilbert) model. Since their usage
was dictate by customs rules, these cars did not participate in the US
pool as free rollers, but rather usually needed to have a Canada-US or
US-Canada routing. As a consequence they DO follow the proximity rule,
where you would expect higher numbers of these cars to be present in
close proximity to Canada and fewer the further you got away. So, for
me, modeling the PRR, a small number of the boxcars is definitely in
order (and could easily represent cars interchanged at Buffalo NY, for
example). Were I to model the ACL, I might be harder pressed to justify
more than one or two (perhaps in newsprint service?). Of course, the
stock cars are a different kettle of fish and would be very unlikely to
be seen in the US (except perhaps on CN/CP aligned roads?).

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Fenton Wells
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