Re: Stock car reloading - was CN Stock Cars in the USA

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Your comment raises and interesting point, Bruce, which I have not considered before. The rules for unloading and resting livestock are fairly well known but I do not recall having seen anything on one aspect of such mocvements. Is there anything that dictates what cars the stock must be reloaded into??? In this case, could the CN stock car be unloaded for a rest stop, returned home empty and the stock be reloaded into another stock car to continue their trip????

simply asking, Don Valentine

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Interesting... That is a LONG trip and would have required at least on
rest stop on a foreign road.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

FRANK PEACOCK <frank3112@...> 12/29/11 10:42 AM >>>
Group, Of course CN stock cars got down to the USA! Or at least one
did: CN 171510, loaded at Guelph, Ont. with lambs to Dixon. Cal. (near
Sacramento). This was on Nov. 24, 1947 on the LA (Los Angeles Special).
The UP must have handed the car off to the SP to get it to Dixon. This
is the only example that I have of a Canadian stock car on the UP in
1947-48. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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